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This free course is perfect if you want to:

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    Make more money

    Convert your existing clients into product evangelists by providing a simple and focused user experience.

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    Build a reputable brand

    Learn how to painlessly create a simple yet powerful brand that your customers remember and respect.

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    Get more customers

    Attract new customers with attractive, highly converting landing pages.

Our Design Superheroes

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    David Kadavy

    Common Design Pitfalls

    In our first episode, David Kadavy lists the common mistakes that will ruin any design and how to avoid them.

  • superheroes
    Nathan Powell

    Landing Page Design

    Nathan Powell calibrates landing pages for a living. In this episode, he will give us pointers on how to design landing pages to drive the most revenue, sign-ups, or whatever your goal is.

  • superheroes
    Dennis Field


    You’re set out to create a brand that will have a deep effect on your customer. Dennis Field prepared 5 rules you need to pay close attention to.

  • superheroes
    Joanna Wiebe


    Copywriters are the best-kept secret in the sales and marketing world. Copy pro Joanna Wiebe will shed some light on how you can improve your sales.

  • superheroes
    Jane Portman

    Product Strategy

    The UX designer Jane Portman will share a step-by-step process showing you how to design a product that does not only solve a need, but is also easy to use.

  • superheroes
    Andy Croll

    Email Design

    HTML email can be awesome in the right hands. Andy Croll's mission is to make those hands yours with his epic tips on getting your emails opened, read, and acted upon.

  • superheroes
    Marie Poulin

    Digital Strategy

    A digital strategy is an essential tool designed to assess, measure, and achieve your specific business goals. Sounds complicated? Get Marie Poulin's breakdown in this episode.

  • superheroes
    Heidi Pun

    Fix Any Design

    In graphic and web design, the devil is in the details. This episode will show you the 20% effort you need to invest to get 80% of the results and instantly look a lot more professional.

  • superheroes
    Sarah Doody

    User Research

    In product development, far too often teams let their own opinions and beliefs serve as a surrogate for talking to users. Learn how to avoid this mistake in Sarah Doody's episode.

  • superheroes
    Liam Sarsfield

    Creative Direction

    As a client or employee, you’ll need to know exactly how to lead and direct the designers you work with. Liam Sarsfield will break down that complex process in this episode.

  • superheroes
    Danny Setiawan

    Design Leadership

    This episode will give you practical tips on building an effective UX team and helping its members achieve your design goals.

  • superheroes
    Brian Casel


    Brian Casel is well-known as someone who teaches entrepreneurs how to start working on their business – instead of working in it. In this final episode, he will give us a skinny on his methods.

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